Are you thinking of getting a Siberian Cat or Kitten?

Discover How To Keep Siberian Forest Cats and Kittens!

Get in Depth Facts about Siberian Cats and Kittens including: Care, Owning, Showing, Feeding Tips, Diet, Behaviors, Breeding, Pregnancy, Rescue and
Re-homing, hypoallergenic traits and
diseases and health care!

Dear Siberian Cat and Kitten Lover,

If you are passionate about having a kitten or cat one
of the cutest, easiest to care for and raise are --
Siberian Cats and Kittens!

This page covers everything you want to know about sharing your life with Siberian Cats and Kittens!

Siberian Cats or Siberian Forest Cats are
soft-voiced cats, more given to chirping than meowing, and are also deeply affectionate and
loyal companions.

Their intelligence and problem-solving ability make them wonderful family cats. Siberian Cats and Kittens possess many truly lovable qualities and which makes them a wonderful family pet.

Owning and raising a Siberian Cat or Kitten is easy to do and very rewarding as they make a warm, friendly and loving pet.

If you have seen the cute, cuddly Siberian Kittens in pet stores you may have been intrigued with the tiny and lovable creatures and want one for your own!

They really are cute and loveable creatures with their little paws wanting to bat and play. They are really fun to watch as run and play with toys or yarn. Siberian Cats and Kittens are easy to care for pets, and can be a joy to your family.

Being a Siberian Cat and Kitten owner is a unique experience and is very rewarding to cat lovers everywhere. Siberian Cats and Kittens can be easily housetrained.  Many Siberian Cat and Kitten pet owners simply enjoy playing and cuddling with them and can adapt to traveling so you can take them with you.

If you are thinking of buying a Siberian Cat or Kitten as a pet...

You will find
having your own Siberian Cat or Kitten is pure joy!

If you are considering owning a Siberian Cat or Kitten you will need to be sure you know how to properly care for them with regards to their daily care, feeding, diet, behaviors, adoption, rescuing, re-homing, breeding, pregnancy, health care and life span.

When you have a Siberian Cat or Kitten as a pet you will find they bond very well with their owners and make a nice addition to any family.

So what exactly are Siberian Cats and Kittens?

Siberian Cats and Kittens are considered a National Treasure in Russia.

In the 1980s, an interest developed in Russia for breeding pedigreed cats. The first breed standard for the Siberian Cat was developed by the Kotofei Cat Club in Moscow. The International Cat Association (TICA) accepted Siberians imported to the U.S. in the 1990s into the New Breed program in 1992 and granted championship status to the Siberian in 1996.

What sizes and colors or patterns do Siberian Cats and Kittens have?

Siberian Cats are one of three big bodied, heavily-boned cats who are well loved for their status as goofy, gentle giants. Siberians, like the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat, are seriously large cats. Some males will reach a size of 20 lbs (9.07 kg), but females are smaller.

They are available in all colorations and patterns, including a blue-eyed, pointed variety, there is a Siberian for everyone. Once you have lived with one of these big, lovable beauties, you may well be spoiled for any other breed.

So how did the Siberian Cats become so popular and widespread?

Originally native to Russia these eye-catching, expressive and beautifully furred cats were only exported abroad in large numbers after 1990. In the past 23 years, their popularity has widely spread, and they are now one of the most beloved of all domestic cats.

Siberian Cats are naturally calm and quiet, with an endearing, intuitive streak. They seem to know when the humans they love are in need of comfort and attention. When they speak, it’s in a quiet series of melodic mews, chirps, and trills. Best of all, they purr loudly and often.

So are Siberian Cats and Kittens Hypoallergenic?

Their popularity has seen a significant boost because of their reduced allergens. A semi-longhaired breed with a thick, triple coat, they are amazingly easy to groom and have a very low concentration of the allergen Fel d 1.

Most breeds produce about 63,000 micrograms of Fel d 1, whereas Siberians put out about 1300.

Although not truly hypoallergenic, they do elicit a much milder response in sensitive individuals and so are treasured as one of the cat breeds with less allergens.

Siberian Cats and Kittens can make very friendly, and loving companions.

Siberian Cats and Kittens enjoy human company, and they will interact with the people who care for them.

Raising and caring for Siberian Cats and Kittens can be a fun and rewarding experience, simply because these fun-loving pets are a truly warm and friendly companions. The benefits of owning and raising Siberian Cats and Kittens are a pleasure for young and old alike!

In order to find a perfect Siberian Cat or Kitten you want to find one that suits your personality so you are sure to have a good match between you and your new pet.

I want to help you to take your first step towards owning your own Siberian Cat or Kitten...

When I was looking to purchase my own Siberian Cats and Kittens many years ago, I discovered there was very limited information available for help purchasing, showing, owning, raising, breeding or the health care of Siberian Cats and Kittens.

After searching for many hours for Siberian Cat and Kitten information both on the web and by talking to Siberian Cat Breeders and Cat Fanciers, I found there was little information available which was easily accessible.

That's when I decided that there was a definite need for a comprehensive book all about Siberian Cats and Kittens that covered Siberians Cat and Kittens from A to Z to help people who wanted to own and love one.

With that thought in mind, I created this brand new book, called
"Siberian Forest Cats As Pets" Siberian Cats and Kittens The Complete Guide -- to cover everything a new Siberian Cat or Kitten owner would want to know!"



This book includes everything you want to know about buying, adopting, re-homing, raising, feeding, caring for, breeding, diseases and health care of Siberian Cats and Kittens, and much more!

I cover from A to Z all about Siberian Cat Care -- It's full of up-to-date and sound advice with answers to all your questions about Siberian Cats and Kittens -- including some questions you probably didn't even know you had!

This book is written in exacting detail, including tips on diseases and veterinary care.

Anyone who is passionate about owning, keeping raising and breeding Siberian Cats and Kittens will be very pleased at the comprehensive content included in this guide.

You can get everything you need to know about keeping Siberian Cats and Kittens – including handling, the different colors and types, their health, housing, breeding -- you get everything you need to know to keep healthy and cute Siberian Cats and Kittens!

How do I find a Siberian Cats and Kittens to buy or adopt?

Good Siberian Cat breeders want to know about you and your home. They are concerned about the kind of life the kitten / cat will have with you. You want a breeder who both asks and answers questions to ensure you have a healthy pet.

Think of what you are doing in terms of an adoption, because that’s what it is. You are assuming responsibility for a living creature.

The care of that creature is passing out of the hands of the breeder and into yours. You want a breeder who is actively interested and concerned with the process, and you need to prepare yourself to be open to that.

While it is optimal to buy from a breeder in your area, see Appendix II inside the book for a list of Siberian Cat breeders with an online presence you can contact to purchase a new pet.

For better understanding, let’s sort out some of the many coats, colors, and patterns of the Siberian Cat and Kitten.

Siberian Cats and Kittens coats, colors and patterns include:

  • Brown tabby with white accents

  • Tabbies are “mackerels” with a classic or marbled (circular) pattern

  • Silver

  • Dark gray (blue)

  • Red

  • Gold

  • Cream

  • White

  • Black

  • Pattern variations (other than tabby) are Tri-colored Torties and Torbies

  • Shaded and smoke patterns

In the book, I cover the wide assortment of colours between the colour variations.

This is great information for someone that is interested in owning a particular color of Siberian Cat or Kitten and for Siberian Cat and Kitten breeders when mating different color combinations.

Here's a sneak peak at what is inside the book!

I answer these common questions people have about Siberian Cats and Kittens and keeping them:



The many benefits of owning a Siberian Cat or Kitten include: they are beautiful, quiet, easy-to-care-for, and loving pets that are a joy to own! 

It makes sense that if you are looking for information on Siberian Cat and Kitten selection, adoption, re-homing, care, feeding, breeding, showing, diseases and health care it is best to stop wasting your time by surfing the web of bits and pieces of information which may or may not be correct.

Your time is more valuable
spent elsewhere enjoying your new Siberian Cat and Kitten pet!

Don’t wait to buy this until experience the frustration of worrying about your cat or kitten after you run into problems because when they get sick, it is too late!

This book is guaranteed to answer all your questions about Siberian Cats and Kittens or your money back!

It’s full of up to date and sound advice and answers to all your questions – including some you didn’t even know you had and it is ready to help you solve any problems you might encounter with your Siberian Cat or Kitten too!

Because most people need this information right now, I have priced this super low so that you can get the vital information you need in just minutes from now!

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With this complete paint-by-numbers guide for "Siberian Forest Cats As Pets" will give you everything you need to know to feel good and safe about getting your first cat or kitten. Then there's no stopping you now from indulging in your Siberian Cat and Kitten fancier thrill by getting your first Siberian Cats and Kittens!

You get detailed instructions on how to keep Siberian Cats and Kittens based on my years of experience keeping and breeding Siberian Cats and Kittens.

The guide is an easy read and is packed with useful hints and tips and is 100% guaranteed to answer all your questions about Siberian Cat Care.

So what’s the catch?

Why am I practically giving this comprehensive Siberian Cat and Kitten guide away that took months of my time to create?

Well it’s really quite simple. I want to give everyone, including you, who wants to own a Siberian Forest Cat or kitten everything they need to take proper care of their new pet. And with that thought in mind...

I’m offering You a 60-day 100% Risk Free Guarantee:

If for any reason you truly believe that this book doesn't help you in keeping your  Siberian Cats and Kittens, just ask for a full refund within the next 60 days. No question asked and no hard feelings. We'll refund you the FULL price of what you paid for. It's that simple!

That means you can try out "Siberian Forest Cats As Pets" at my risk. Because if you don't like it for ANY reason I honestly want to you to ask for your money back!

I'm sure you'll be able to easily see how easily this comprehensive book will benefit your Siberian Cat and Kitten keeping in no time at all.

I wouldn’t have spent the time and effort creating "Siberian Forest Cats As Pets" and writing this letter to you if I didn’t think it would certainly help you enjoy your new life with your first Siberian Cat and Kitten!

Right now aren't you excited about getting your own Siberian Cats and Kittens?

You should be! Now with the help of my guide you can buy or adopt your Siberian Cats and Kittens and take care of them with total confidence!

Find Out Everything You Need To Know To Buy, Adopt, Keep and Raise Your Siberian Cats and Kittens!

Only $24

But don't take it only from me that this book is a great reference for a Siberian Cat and Kitten lover, here are what other happy Siberian Cat and Kitten owners said after they purchased the book.


"As a new Siberian Cat owner I would definitely recommend this book, it gave me lots of insight into my Siberians nature along with some great tips. My only problem now is my daughter wants another one of these majestic creatures!"

~ Jane Hendrick

“I own 2 Siberian Forest Cats it was nice to see all the relevant information in one handy book as there is very little out there. I particularly found the section on hypoallergenic properties and diet very useful."

~ Maxine Jones

“Really nice book with sound advice, being a complete novice I found it essential. It covered everything I wanted to know about the breed and I'm sure I'll keep referring back to it."

~ John Wood

Get Ready to Enjoy Loving Your Own Siberian Cats and Kittens!

Only $24


Get "Siberian Forest Cats As Pets" and you'll know things other Siberian Cat and Kitten fanciers don't!

Find out how to buy, keep and take the best care of your own cute, cuddly Siberian Cat and Kitten now!

To Your Siberian Cat and Kitten Raising Enjoyment,

Alex Halton

Siberian Cat and Kitten Lover


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